At Health by Design our focus is Health. And we support our Health Member’s in obtaining their optimal health through our Mind, Body, Spirit concepts. We know that our bodies are designed to heal themselves naturally. Through education and our highly experienced team members, we will create a personal life plan for each of our Health Members to obtain their optimal health. Click on this link to see how our services support our Mind, Body, Spirit concept.


Our brain and spinal cord are the most important organs in our bodies and together they make up the nervous system. This nervous system controls everything our bodies do, from moving and feeling to keeping our hearts beating, our lungs breathing, our food digesting, and even how we heal. Our brains send signals to every other cell in our bodies through our spinal cord. When these signals get interrupted or interfered with, our bodies function below what they are designed to. We call this interruption a subluxation. This happens when one or more bones in your spinal column move out of place, putting pressure on the nerves going from your spinal cord to their end organ. Just like squeezing a hose allows less water to flow through it, putting pressure on your nerves allows less information to flow through. We remove these subluxations allowing your brain to properly communicate with the rest of your body, because at Health by Design we support a healthy mind.


Our bodies are a complex system of organs that are capable of incredible things. One of the most important things our bodies do is move. Movement not only keeps us healthy and fit, it also fuels our brains. Our brains feed on the information our bodies send when we are moving. This movement occurs via the neuromuscular skeletal system which is made up of our bones, muscles, and nerves. Our bones go where our muscles tell them to and our muscles go where our nerves tell them to. When all three are working and communicating properly, our bodies function at 100%, the way they are designed to. We make sure the nerves are communicating to the muscles optimally through specific adjustments and the muscles are of the right tension on each bone through myofascial work, because at Health by Design we support a healthy functioning body.

Another aspect of the body is the skin, which is the largest organ and our first line of defense. Therefore, you need to honor it by using products that are healthy for your skin. Healthy products should be ones that are pH balanced (a 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 on the pH scale), they do not contain mineral oil, SD alcohol, colors, fragrances, or other irritating synthetic ingredients. It is our passion, through Health by Design, to educate each of our Health Members to have the healthiest skin possible. We will assist you in understanding your skin type and provide you with the best products for your skin type/skin condition. At Health by Design, we understand that the outside reflects what is going on inside so we address all aspects from a Mind, Body, Spirit concept.


All disease can be equated to stress. Stress creates certain chemicals in the body that causes inflammation and prevents the body from healing itself. The way to minimize stress is through mindfulness. Mindfulness is achieved through living in the moment. Living in the moment allows us to be fully present in the here and now. This is best achieved through meditation, yoga, breathing, and other mindful practices such as journaling. At Health by Design we support our Health Members to live in the present through mindfulness training.


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