At Health by Design, we practice specific, neurologic-based chiropractic care. Your nervous system controls every function your body does and we make sure it is functioning at its best. We assess your nervous system to check for any areas of interference or miscommunication between your brain and your body and remove them through our gentle chiropractic adjustments. When your brain can freely send signals to the rest of your body, you can function at your highest level.

We love to support pregnant moms and kiddos. Your nervous system controls how your baby develops in your womb so we make sure it is functioning at its best so that you can have the healthiest baby possible. Birth is not only traumatic for mom but for baby as well. That’s why we recommend all children, especially newborns, come in and have their nervous system checked. Healthy families stay together and grow together longer and healthy kids turn into healthy adults.

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To provide personal attention to each client, all services are performed by appointment only.
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